Post Earrings Personalized Silver Nugget Runic Earrings 71191

These custom runic earrings are handcrafted from .999 pure silver, with your choice of Elder Futhark Runes.

These little nuggets began as fine (99.9%) silver scrap or bits of wire. The metal is heated until a molten ball is formed. Then I hammer it out into the little nuggets you see now.

Sterling silver posts are securely soldered to the backs. I have added an oxidized patina to show off their detail and character, with a brushed finish.

Medium weight sterling post nuts are included.

Size: Given the unique nature of handmade items, sizes may vary slightly. Average size will be 5mm x 1.5mm thick.

Because these silver rune earrings are all handmade and hand melted, they will not always be perfectly round. Some will be more of a "nugget" type shape.

NOTE: For mixed sets, please specify second rune choice in the "message" box upon checkout.

What are the runes?

Runes come from a time when the world was still perceived as a magical place. And when people still felt a connection to it. Runes were inscribed onto helmets, swords, sacred objects and stones or fragments of wood as dedications of hope and desire, power, and healing.

For these earrings I use custom made steel jewelry stamps in Elder Futhark runes. The ancient and mystical runes of Northern Europe are potent symbols of inspiration.


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