Peace Ornament | Elephant Bead Set | No 6 and 8 Handmade Porcelain Ceramic

Reserved for Catherine

Item #6 Large pendant, ornament or wall art. Stamped with the letters PEACE on one side and a sun motif on the other. This heart is finished with glaze on both sides with a metal bail for stringing.

This glaze is a smooth matte finish that is a pleasure to touch. It truly has the look of stone.

Sizes: 43x75x5mm

BIN: $18


Set #8 Set includes one pendant bead that has been center drilled. Elephant design is finished with Gray Opal and Red Glazes. Two large coordinating disk beads and two smaller gray coordinating accent beads are included in this set.

Some of my favorite glazes. I adore this tomato red color next to the bluish gray.

Sizes: Bead holes are a little larger on the disks at 2mm and approx 1mm holes on the smaller beads.

Pendant bead measures: 27mm and 4mm thick.

Red Disks are 20mm and 15mm. Smaller gray beads are 8mm and 10mm.

BIN: $19