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Milagros Hand Charm Earrings Folk Art

Milagros hand charm earrings. Featuring white bronze hand charms made here in WA state by an independent female artist. These hand charms have a beautiful rustic detail with spiral hearts at the centers.

The charms are accented with two small gemstone charms. A faceted cube Hessonite Garnet in rust and a smooth rondelle of Kyanite in dark blue. This charm collection dangle from a small hand forged pure silver ring.

At the top are funky little glazed ceramic beads finished in a Topaz color. These are handcrafted stoneware beads, kiln fired.

Ear wires are wrapped sterling silver.
All metals are genuine fine and sterling silver.
  • Length: 2 1/2 inches (6cm)
  • Ceramic Beads: 6x8mm
  • Hand Charms: 13x25mm
  • Gemstones: 5mm

Our hands represent our love, our life, our work how we hold each other. How we are able to express our creativity through art, music and poetry.