Moss Gemstone Hoop Earrings. Rainforest Inspired. Handmade Designer Jewelry. 83202

These handmade silver hoop earrings feature Moss green etched agate stones. Their beautiful Spiral etched design is highlighted by the translucence of the beads. Light passes through these stones and they  seem to glow from within.

Handcrafted hoops are .999 pure silver. Fused and forged from raw silver. Hammered for strength and texture. 

Dangling in the center are sky blue Amazonite briolette stones. Wrapped in pure silver wire.

Sparkling, faceted Swarovski crystals hang below. These Forest Green beads are also wrapped in pure, fine silver.

The ear wires are handcrafted .925 sterling silver. Balled ends have been hammered and stamped with spiral image motifs. The spiral image has become a powerful symbol of life and renewal. Used by ancient cultures for centuries.

Not for the faint of heart. These earrings measure 3 inches in length. Hoops are 1.25 inches. A beautiful set of earrings to transport you to that earthy, forest feeling.

One set available.
Ready to ship.

The first in a new collection featuring Rain Forest inspired jewelry. This line comes from my love of nature, trees, and especially the Rain Forest. Several times I year I visit the Olympic National Park Rain Forest. I'm deeply touched by the stillness and instant calm. The colors have always captivated my eyes. I can get lost in the beauty there. Read More On The Blog.

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