Frog Skin Earrings. Triangle Silver Hoops. Triangle Jewelry. Cindy's Art & Soul 4187

These handmade earrings feature blue-green porcelain beads, handmade by Cindy's Art & Soul. These beads were finished with a two part glaze, rendering a multi-color effect. Dots and swirls of royal blue with moss green alongside red-clay earth brown.

I've wrapped them with a thick 18 gauge pure silver wire to dangle from the hoops and connect to the silver nugget charms below.

My silver nugget charms are created from bits of recycled pure silver. Torch heated to a molten ball and then hammered out. I have given this set a nice curve with my hammer for some added character.

The hoops are hand forged and fused pure silver. Hammered and forged into an elongated triangle. Of course the triangle is a universal symbol for women. Inspired symbolism for our time.

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