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Big Silver Hoops. Pure Silver Hoop Earrings. Bright Silver. 83185

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Hammered bright silver hoop earrings are created from .999  raw silver Hand forged and with a hammered texture. These earrings are highly light reflective and have a beautiful shine.

Dangling below I have added solid silver hammered drop dangles for a counter wight and added character.

Double rings above connect to .925 sterling silver ear wires. The double ring design gives the hoops some nice movement.

  • Length: 3 1/4 inches (77mm)
  • Hoops: 1.5" x 1.75" (37x47mm)

Cindy's Art and Soul Original Design
This is the set that started it all! I made the first set of this earring style last week. But when I pulled them from the tumbler, I knew I had to keep them. I needed something pretty to wear to my daughters graduation, and these fit the bill perfectly.

I have shoulder length hair. When I wear these earrings, they do not move much because of my hair holding them semi in place. However, when I put my hair up at the end of the day (it was super hot!) they had great movement and swing. I love it!

Because of their size, and hammered texture you can see them glimmering even through long hair. I am someone who doesn't like to know I am wearing jewelry. I like to put it on and forget it. And wearing these all day, I didn't even know they were there.

They are considerably light given their size and very comfortable, I can attest!