Sea Of Love Sea Glass Heart Beaded Chain Necklace Nautical 72016

This long eclectic necklace features a natural found sea glass piece at the center. Resembling a heart, I have hand drilled and wrapped it is fine silver wire. This natural piece of glass was found off the coast of California. It is rugged looking, and has a bit of rust color on it from the ocean somewhere. Being naturally broken into this heart shape and ocean polished for decades, it is a one of a kind piece!

For the chain, I have picked an eclectic mix of silver beads, gemstones and handcrafted silver charms.

You'll see several *Hill Tribe silver beads along the length. Pure silver rings adorned with spirals. A small charm dangles off to the side adorned with a sea star. Ocean blue Fluorite gemstone pairs well with the other blue-green colors of this ensemble. The sterling silver chains are a mix of quality chains I have recycled from other projects.

Other beads include blue apatite gemstones, labradorite, quartz crystal and Swarovski crystal.

You see a bar charm on the right side that reads **breathe. Hand stamped on .999 fine silver.

Finished with a lobster clasp closure in the shape of a dolphin. One of my all time favorite clasps, it hooks into a section of handcrafted fine silver chain.

  • Length:20 inches
  • Heart: 26x20mm
  • One of a kind. Ready to ship.

* Hill Tribe Silver beads and pendants are made by the Karen Hill Tribe silversmiths in northern Thailand using traditional tribal methods. Each piece is made by hand using primitive tools, so each one is a unique work of art.

**Why the word BREATHE? you might ask. It's so literal. Yes, it is. And yet so many of us don't know the art of breathing. We don't have good lung capacity and maybe get a shortness of breath easily. We hold our breath when we are anxious or breathe shallow, not allowing our blood to flow like it should to our heart. This is why I use the word breathe so often in my works. Because I, like so many others need that reminder. While the definition may be literal, for each of us this word will have it's own message and meaning. Yoga teaches us the art of breath. Pranayamas are yogic breathing exercises that have the ability to quickly increase our energy, release stress, improve our mental clarity, and improve our physical health. I recommend this to anyone, young or old to learn and practice. Our breath is our life force and the Source of life.

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